Our Mission

Safely and efficiently organizing the homeless communities and their correlated amenities.

Homeless face issues in hygiene, shelters, and nutrition. Shelters trying to help are never enough, especially as the global homeless rates only continue to rise. But reported, if used correctly, there is hypothetically enough food, shelter, and hygiene products to help a much higher percent if not all of the homeless who use shelters and amenity dispensaries. Even though enough food is made and produced, we still face these issues to this day.

Firstly, the organizations for our amenities and shelters are not maximized, leading to the lack of internal and external communication and the waste of resources. Secondly, many volunteers are unaware of the places where they are most needed as there's no way for them to know this information. Lastly, many homeless are unable to find jobs, short and long term, that can help get them back on their feet to end the cycle of poverty. These fundamental problems prevent us from truly seeing the progress in the homeless population that we wish to see!

Guidey is the solution. Download our Press Release for more information.