Safely and efficiently organizing the homeless and their corresponding communities on a united front.

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The Issue

What do we aim to solve?


Organization of various amenities and shelters are not maximized, leading to the lack of internal and external communication and the waste of resources


Many volunteers are unaware of the places where they are most needed as there's no way for them to know this information

Job Loss

Many homeless are unable to find jobs, short and long term, that can help get them back on their feet to end the cycle of poverty

What does Guidey do?

Uniting services for those in need.

Locate Amenities

Shows the closest and most available amenity location that is equipped to give the best help

Search for Jobs

Allows job employers to add their availability so that the unemployed can find a source of income


Volunteers will be able to sort through the list of locations where they can help and find the place that has the least volunteers


Anyone will be able to easily organize shelters and drives, placing them on the app for the benefit of all

Locate Food and Shelter Services

An easy to grasp UI allows people of all ages to locate amenities necessary to them.

Host and Apply for Job Opportunities

Organizations post job/contractor listings, those in need can easily view and apply for them.

Organize and Volunteer

Volunteers can search for organizations as well as organize their own drives set public to the homeless community.

Intelligent Mapping

Our map system intelligently lays out amenities corresponding to the user's needs.

Our database of nearby organizations and shelters provides a wealth of information regarding mealtimes, safety, distance, and travel methods.


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